The first press conference of Ejoysport Technology was successfully completed

2017-10-10  KUNSHAN

The first press conference of EJOYSPORT Tech was held successfully in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, on 14:00 of October 10,2017. Ejoysport technology (Suzhou) co., LTD formally introduce the “EJOYSPORT” brand and products to the market. Supplier partners, dealer friends, brothers company representatives and well-known media in the industry attended the event. The representative of Kunshan and Bacheng government also attended the meeting and made a ribbon-cutting ceremony.


This conference was made by Mr. Leo Zhang, the initiator of EJOYSPORT team  started with how he planned EJOYSPORT, and pointed out the shortcomings of the industry in terms of professionalism, product, service and mentality. He offered EJOYSPORT product theme, which is USER-FRIENDLY, PREEMINECE, INTERCONNECTION. That meant EJOYSPORT products would be more easier to use, have superior quality and have IOT function.


Mr. Leo Zhang thought every person of this industry is too harsh on the definition and promotion of cycling, so he though EJOYSPORT should put forward a new concept, what they called as LIGHT SPORT. EJOYSPROT would put a lot of money and people into the development of light sport products. And EJOYSPORT would stick to a concept which is products is never too professional while its usage is never too arbitrary.


Then, Mr. Antonio Yang, the CEO, introduced the EJOYSPORT products. He brought four series, LIXA BASIC, LIXA EZCYCLE, ALM BASIC and ALM EZCYCLE. And he introduced the core technologies like ANGLESETTIGN, AutoTHRUSTER, EZCYCLE, IOTM and DYNAMIC MONITOR in terms of design, technology and experience. After that, Mr. Antonio Young Introduced the EUTP, whose name was Ejoysport Unified Technology Platform, and EJOYSPORT APP.


After the product introduction, Mr. Antonio Young release EJOYSPORT’s marketing strategy. EJOYSPORT would use direct marketing. It would establish branches with local partners. And every store would be held by those branches. EJOYSPORT would try online sales also. But its online sales and store sales would be in the same proportion for all stores. In addition, all stores can run multiple brands.


After the conference, every person went to the cycling venue and ride EJOYSPORT products. There is no doubt that our carefully designed products had received unanimous praise from our guests. Our distinctive, comfortable, user-friendly and excellent performance products leave a great impression on our guests.


At 17:00 pm, the first event of EJOYSPORT concluded. With all guests’ blessing and expectations, we EJOYer, believe that we would get a place in the market.